Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Ava pic and American Idol Chit Chat

No creative post today, still exhausted and not finished with my coloring. I got side tracked last night working on replacing the pages for my copic mini journal. I spilled milk on my journal (YUCK!) and while it doesn't smell bad exactly, it does seem stained on the edges. So new and improved pages are on the way. I spent forever last night typing up the colors instead of handwriting them. I figured if I am going to redo it, I may as well do it better (typed, neat and combos in color family order).

Here is my baby pic for today. My favorite baby, Ava is five and a half weeks old. I nick named her Pink Diddy b/c I think she looks so cool in this picture.

And onto my American Idol review....

The girls....oh girls what is the matter with you? The girls continue to underwhelm me this year. Poor Paige was terrible. My Katie who I want to like just wasn't very dynamic last night. Shiobhan was interesting....I still love hearing that big voice coming out of that tiny woman. Didi was okay, I still think her voice is pretty. Overall the girls just don't hold my interest very well. I must have walked in and out of the room about 10 times to do other things...I just don't find anyone to have any real spark or charisma. ( I didn't even bother to watch Kaitlyn or Lily or the redheaded pixie...what is her name again. You see- forgettable.... The songs they are choosing are so dark and dreary. They really need to pick more interesting songs...

Crystal still is the best in the girl category... I am not sure I would buy anything she puts out or go to one of her shows...but as far as the girls go...she is the one to beat as Simon puts it. She has a great voice, she is a good performer, and she is consistent. Can't wait to see what the boys do tonight.

PS- I will not even comment on Ellen sniffing Simon and sitting in his lap...ok I guess I just did comment! lol! She is too funny.

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