Friday, October 15, 2010

Answers to last weeks questions from WOYWW

This post is for all of the lovely comments last week regarding my desk and the Copic Airbrush System.

My Desk-

My desk is made out of 4 Jetmax cubes (the ones they sell at Michael's) and the long desk plank addition. It is not actually screwed together the way it should be with the braces, I merely have the plank resting on top of 2 cubes stacked on each side. There was not enough room for me to have the desk top actually be the full length of the plank. It works great and I have no issues with the stability of the desk. So for any of you out there in need of a is something you could try.
Copic Airbrush System-

The greatest thing about Copic markers is that you can refill them! Which means you only invest in markers one time and then you can replace the nibs and refill the ink if the marker runs dry!

I don't do a whole lot of airbrushing so I have not had any of my markers run dry from that. The tip may get slightly dry and then you just need to uncap both ends of the marker and leave it sitting for a little bit so that more ink will flow out of the sponge inside and remoisten the tip. If your marker tips are visably is time to refill.

Most of the airbrushing I do is over a small space and only takes a few seconds so I don't use very much ink at all.

If you continuously airbrush with the same marker over and over you would need to refill the marker much sooner and you may wish to have Copic Various Refill Ink in that color on hand.
I have seen a lot of ladies airbrushing their backgrounds with E31 YR21 and B000 so those may be colors you would want to keep in stock if you are going to be airbrushing...
Colors I have refilled over the past 9 months-

E0000 E000 E00 E21 E25 E31 E33 E35 E50 Y21 Y23 G20 BG10 BG11 BG72 RV00 RV10 R20 R81 V000 B000 B91

(I will need to refill my Y000 and V01 and BG0000 soon!)

These are the colors that I use the most and when I was getting started with Copics I was using a very absorbent cardstock which I believed sucked a lot of my markers dry. I have since learned to color with a much lighter hand and have not needed to do a second refill on any color yet.
Copic Tip-
In the states, Copic Various Ink refills cost upwards of $5.62 online -$7.49 retail which is not a bad price considering one bottle can get you about 10-12 refills for a Sketch marker, about 15 for Ciao. But, instead of buying refills you may want to just visit a local scrapbooking store to have your marker refilled. I think this cost me approx. $2 at Scrappers Cove in NJ. If you don't have a local store, I know My Favorite Things offers a refill station where you mail in your marker and they send it back to you refilled $1.50 for Ciao and $2.25 for Sketch.


  1. Thanks for the low down on your crafting space and the information about the Copic Airbrushing system. Think I commented on it last week but have Promarkers and can't really start over with the Copics. Still lesson learned. Thanks so much for sharing the information. #142

  2. Fascinating
    about the Copics - love the refill at a store idea - how clever. Not quite arrived here!

  3. Oh yes, often thought of all that air brushing, stuff, but never got around to actually doing it.
    Happy WOYWW

  4. Thank you for all the information on the Copics. I don't own a single pen, so this is a great way to learn about them before I try to invest in them. I had no idea they were refillable until I read your great review. Also love the shelves. I may have to check Michael's for them. Happy belated WOYWW (#2).


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