Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol Chit Chat

Ok I am jumping right in here...why was Crystal crying last night....was she so moved with her own performance that she moved herself to tears.... She is very talented but I just don't know about her. I know she is probably the nicest person ever...but the way she comes off is just so confusing to me. Why the crying??? Doesn't she realize she is going to be the next Idol...there is no need for the crying.

And what is up with Ellen? I need a little less comic relief and a little more constructive feedback from her. Telling someone they are the soup of the day and she doesn't like that flavor is not constructive...what do you not like about it???? Poor Tim ....what is he supposed to do with that. At least Simon said he has come a long way.

I think Lee was awesome. Shiobahn... has a strange congested sound sometimes when she sings...she needs to find a song that is entirely in her that she sounds good through the entire song from start to finish.

I think Mike may be going home.... he is good but last night was a bit lack-luster.

Casey is just jamming... I don't think he realizes he is competing...he is just performing up there on stage every week...doing his thing.

Aaron did ok but .... he is so young...I don't think he will go all the way. He needs more polish and performance training.

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