Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick update...and trimmer review

Just dropping in to say hello! To say the beginning of this week has been hectic would be an understatement. I am working on several different projects...all of which are in progress and not very near completion...think lots of colored images and no completed I am also doing another installment of the copic hair color sheet...this one has more blondes and reds. Hopefully I will be back by then end of this week with a project or two to share.

Product Review for you:

I know we all have probably had a love hate relationship with our paper we either love the thing but wish we could change a few things about it or we hate the thing and want to throw it in the trash! Well I can finally say I found one that I love... the Fiskars Rock Paper Trimmer. I was skeptical at first... I mean why would I buy a paper trimmer with speakers for a mp3 player or cd just seemed silly to me the first time I saw it. However, I was reading up on Splitcoast a few weeks back and saw rave reviews for it. Different people were saying it was their favorite trimmer. I had done an ebay search for it to see if I could get it affordably but couldn't find one for sale at the time. Well last week I read yet another great review for it and decided to search for it again and...JACKPOT... I found the teal version(no cute butterflies) brand new on amazon for $34 including shipping. Now since the retail price of the trimmer is $99... I considered this a great price. Only a few bucks more than any other trimmer I have ever bought... certainly cheaper then the last CARL trimmer I got at Staples... So I patiently waited for it to arrive and it came just before the weekend. My first thought was...darn I didn't expect it to be this large. It is pretty big...not really a trimmer to take with you to crops and playdates...but WOW does this thing work. Pre-labeled is light, can cut 12 X 12 and the speakers actually produce great sound quality. I actually sometimes want to listen to my iPod when I am stamping but never do because I am already using all my outlets in my I can just pop the iPod into the little cradle on the trimmer and jam away while I work on my projects. I really do love this new trimmer. I can even cut small paper sizes under two inches ...which was my only real problem with my CARL. So if you are in the market to try a new trimmer, I definitely recommend the Rock Paper Trimmer or its speaker-less counterpart (assuming you can get a good price!) ;0)


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