Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blog Candy!!!!

Ok, so we have all made the occasional mistake and purchased a dupe of something we already had, right? Well, I had some assistance on this particular blunder. Allow me to share with you the saga of how the United States Postal Service did me wrong. Right before the Aug. 1st Copic price increase, I decided to order 1 Copic marker and a few refills. Well of course I decided to order from a lovely online store called I Heart Papers. Great store, great lady who owns it, local to me...she is in New Jersey. I figure I am doing a great thing ordering there because I want to support local small business owners as often as possible. Well I decided to order $50 worth of things from the store to qualify for free shipping. I don't really understand the way of the human mind and how this saved me any money. It didn't, all I did was order things I didn't actually need. I decided to add on two things that I have coveted for a while now... the Kaisercraft Up Up and Away paper pad and the Shadows and Shading Book by Marianne Walker.

Well $50 bucks later my order ships and 2, yes I said 2 days later I got a delivery confirmation that my package was delivered to my home. Great you say, well no, not great. I got home from work and there was no package. Darn it... I am running all kinds of mail theft, "the garbage men threw it out" scenarios in my head. Well I waited several days and no package shows up. I chalked this one up to LOST and decided to re-order my items from another store before the price increase... So now those things came three days later and now I have my book and my paper pad and my markers and my refills...blah blah except the next store sent me the wrong marker color. I ordered a T5 and got an N5. I have no luck!!! It would be ok if I didn't already have one of those. Dupe! So now let's fast forward exactly one week and what shows up today slightly damaged and tattered in my mailbox....yes that is right my original lost I Heart Papers order. UGH!!! MORE DUPES!!!! Now I know I could sell all of this on eBay and make my money back but....
I have decided that my misfortune...will be your Blog Candy! I will do a Follower Appreciation Blog Candy as a thanks to all of you Lovelies who follow my blog. It means a lot to me to share creatively with all of you. Blog Candy: 1 BG000 Copic Sketch Marker 1 Empty Copic Sketch Marker (you can fill this with any color refill or colorless blender solution) 1 Custom E23 Copic Sketch Marker ( I filled this myself with equal parts E21 and E25 refill ink) 1 E35 Copic Ciao Marker 1 G40 Copic Various Ink Refill 1 C1 Copic Various Ink Refill 1 Kaisercraft Up Up and Away Paper Pad 1 Shadows and Shading book by Marianne Walker Some 1/4 sheets of Boise HD Color Copy Cover .80 lb cardstock for you to try I may throw in one more Copic Sketch Marker -N5 if the store I ordered from is not willing to replace it for me. Rules: To win you must- 1) Have a US Mailing Address 2) Be a follower of my blog 3) Leave me a comment on this post I will select and post the random winner August 13th around 12pm EST.


  1. Michelle, I've been a 'lurker' and love the inspiration from your coloring! I've been looking at the latest posts on color choices and appreciate the info you are sharing! Don't include me in your prize, as I have Marianne's book and about 3 of those markers already...I just wanted to say 'thanks' for your postings...fabulous work!

  2. I hate when that happens and it has happened to me on more than one occasion. Thanks for sharing your misfortune with your followers.

  3. Wow! Sorry to hear about all the mix up, but thank you so much for sharing with us ;) My fingers crossed!

  4. there's nothing worse than having a package show "delivered" and not getting it! Thanks for making your pain our gain.
    New follower,

  5. thats so sweet of you to share with your readers! Thanks for the chance!!!

  6. So very generous of you to turn your dupes into a giveaway. There's nothing in your "lost" order that I couldn't use. In fact, there are several things in your order that are on my "must have" list.

  7. Love the idea of turning a hassle into a giveaway! I do indeed have a us addy, and would love to win the set. :-)

  8. I have just found your website because I am in the processing of supplementing my SU collection of markers. They do not have some of the colors that I want, so thought I would add come copic markers. I found your website on SCS trying to find suggestions on colors to purchase. Your website is wonderful and you seem very knowledgeable about colors. I will certainly be checking your website on a regular basis. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Linda D,

  9. Now that is some serious BLOG CANDY!


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