Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer is Over Smash Sunday

 My goodness it has been so long since I have been here.  Summer was a whirlwind of working, vacations, new births, and tons of summer reading.  No where in that mix has been any crafting.  Now that things have slowed down and the hot summer days have turned to the start of cool fall breezes, I was able to sit down for a few moments of reflection to do something semi-crafty.  I did a SMASH spread of some of the fall trends I really like.  The top two things that I am loving are Burgundy everything and Bejeweled and jewel-tone clothing.  In my smash pages you will see some things I am coveting for fall.  Life and reality being what they are, the best way for me to bring home something similar was to get the new burgundy colored nail polish from Essie called Recessionista.  I love it.  It is a nice deep burgundy color that I think is perfect for fall.  Totally fitting name, Recessionista.  Being inspired by the name, I also got a great sweater on clearance from Banana Republic to match for only $20!  I think my next tiny splurge will be the new lipstick color from MAC's Marilyn Monroe inspired line called Deeply Adored.   

XOXO- Michelle

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