Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reclaiming my craft space

It always happens. You organize your crafting space and it looks beautiful, and then reality sets in and it gets MESSY! Well the above picture is the labor of the last 3 weeks of planning, cleaning, purging, and re-organizing. Finally, I have reclaimed my craft area and made it "live able" again. I say "live able" because I don't have a craft room, this is just a section of my bedroom. We have all heard the studies about how chaos in your bedroom makes it hard to sleep. Well I think that is really true. It made me so anxious to have everything in my room all messy. Below is what had become of the desk I made out of Jetmax cubes. This was after cleaning it up. I couldn't bear to take a picture of the real mess. It got to the point where I didn't want to stamp, scrap, nothing!

Enter the Jetmax cube with drawer. I decided the only option was to go vertical. I added another cube, removed a few of the shelves on the right and got a Sterilite 3 drawer cart to catch the overflow from the desk and to house my BigShot and dies.AFTER!
This is my TV tray where I make my cards. It has all my everyday tools. It sits next to my nightstand where my Copics are right at hand. It is a good spot because of the natural light from the sliding glass doors. The basket under the desk is balanced on my binders (sketches and Copic info) holds products I am using at the moment and scraps so they stay off the workspace. The basket on top of the desk has stamps that need to be cleaned or have just been cleaned and need to be put away.

I love that all my punches fit in the Jetmax cube with drawer and they are put away so I don't have to worry about dusting them. My Martha Stewart Score Board even fits in the cubby at the top with all of my
Martha punches. Storing cardstock and 12x12 papers upright left me so much extra room, I was able to stack my 6x6 paper pads and unmounted stamps. Baskets with extra ribbon and adhesive sit on top of a locker rack under the desk.

My BigShot now has a permanent home on top of this cart and the regular size dies fit in one of the drawers. I no longer have to take it down to use it. I keep inkpads and stickles, and adhesives in the top drawer. The bottom drawer has embossing supplies. The Isis cases are so easy and hold embellishments: trim, ribbon, flowers, buttons, etc. I also have travel organizer next to the desk to hold pearls, rhinestones, cotton swabs and balls and other small items that tend to get lost in the shuffle. It fits neatly in the 1 inch space between the desk and my bureau. Finally I have wood mounted stamps in the big bin on the bottom.

I love my new re-organized is so functional now. Hope you like it! Now if I can just clean up the rest of the house.


Angela Marie said...

Looks great, maybe I catch the same bug :) So true about not being able to sleep in chaos. Sweet dreams :)

S Pollard said...

Wow, I love your organization! And I really love your copic storage (the white cubes). I have been looking everwhere for a unit like that- could you please tell me where you got it/ who makes it? Thanks so much!!

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