Friday, March 9, 2012

Trying Out Bazzill White Cardstock

It is National Craft Month and HSN has some nice pricing offers. I ordered up a bunch of different things including this Annabel clear stamp set by Kanban crafts. I purchased some new white cardstock on Leap Day because they were offering $29 off a purchase. They had a deal on Bazzill White 12 X 12 cardstock 100 sheets for 16.95. It sounded like an really good deal and the reviewers of the cardstock were raving about it. Plus shipping was discounted because I ordered so many items. I figured, why not try it out? You can always return things with them if you don't like them.

I couldn't tell from the description what type of cardstock or weight it would be. I mean what does "high quality matte white cardstock" really tell you? I was hoping that it would be the Bazzill Simply Smooth cardstock and that I could use it with my Copics. Well, it came the other night and I tried it out and it works great with my Copics. I still have no idea what it is, Smooth or Simply Smooth? All I know is that it is bright white, very smooth and Copics glide on like a dream. There is a bit of bleed if you over saturate your cardstock but it seems to be the same amount of bleed as the Boise HD Color Copy Cover I am using now. Same weight too. It definitely blends easier. Plus there is so much of it. I am very happy with it. Whatever works, right?

I so excited! It is my birthday next weekend, St. Patty's Day! YAY! My favorite time of the year besides Christmas! I ordered myself an early birthday present. Well several presents actually. I got some of the new release SMASH Journal goodies. I ordered the new big size 11.25" x 13.5" Folio style Pretty Lavender Journal, the date stamp, lots of extras and tons of Washi tape. I mean can you really SMASH without Washi tape? I ordered from Creative Play Stamps and my order shipped yesterday so everything should be here in time for my Birthday!


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