Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WOYWW and Chit Chat

I am bad and have not made anything for 5 days. I know I know! Bad! But... I figured I would participate in What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and show you the new Tim Holtz Texture Fades.... these are the Damask and Regal Flourish Texture Fades.... I used them on Coredinations cardstock and they give a very deeply embossed image. Look at how clearly the patterns stand out and I haven't even sanded them yet.

Now on to the chat...American Idol...what can I say?
Lee and Crystal were both really good...Crystal was actually excellent...but I still don't like her that much. I remember thinking wow, that chick can sing...but I still don't particularly care for what she sings...this thing could go either way...

What the heck was with the singles...I was so shocked that they didn't sing the same song... I was actually disappointed. And what the heck is with Cara this year? Why does she sound so pretentious every time she gives a comment. When did she become the be all end all of the music industry. I guess she is, what with all the number one hits she writes and produces...but still...

Did you watch Glee? I love that darn show. When that beanie baby fell off of Rachel's outfit and Curt said..."And... we have a jumper!" I actually spit out my soda. That darn show is just hilarious. I need to go back and watch all the original episodes that I never got to see.


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