Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Happy Wednesday everyone! I am excited to report that Thanksgiving was wonderful and I got a lot of coloring done. Phase 1 of the Xmas cards is complete. All of my images are all colored up. Onto phase 2... cutting all the cardstock and paper.

A quick blurb about Thanksgiving. You may recall I mentioned last week about the annual cornbread argument... well this year... there was no cornbread and my Grandma...was the one who complained about it this year...." Where's the Corn Muffins...she said". I was finally allowed to make something...they put me in charge of the corn muffins and they were the best darn corn muffins I ever made darn it! In fact it was the best Thanksgiving meal I have ever eaten. Below you can see my dad carving up the 15 pound turkey (for 3 people mind you!)... There was a very special preparation this year that included compound butter and singing a little ditty to the turkey... yes I am not kidding. Dad sang to the turkey during the basting and compound butter rubbing process...."Rub a dub dub there's turkey in the tub"! Yes ladies, he cooks and he is single! ;0)

Result- BEST most Flavorful and moistest turkey in all the land! Oh and of course we forgot to put out the cranberry sauce...I remembered just after we said grace so it was all good!

Turkey, Stuffing, Yams, Onions Collard Greens and Cornbread... oh my! (and Lemon Merangue Pie for dessert!)

Onto What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.... controlled chaos, that is what. I found this neat little folder being thrown out at our office. It has a great pocket and it is hard sided so I can use it to color on. All my colored up images are neatly tucked away in here.

Here are all the copic markers I used to color all my images:

Here is a sampling of all the finished colored images...this is not all of them... there were so many I couldn't spread them all out.

Here is the beginning of Phase 2: Card Construction...I made a bunch of little sketches to work I just have to cut all the cardstock and patterned paper...

And here is all the cardstock and patterned paper and ribbon waiting to be cut.

Alternate view:

What a big huge mess this is all going to be once I start cutting everything!

So what is on your workdesk? If you would like to play along you can visit the Stamping Ground blog and post a link to your desk here...


  1. love all those images you have been colouring with your fab pens love your crafty desk today - thanks for sharing have a good week and keep warm.

  2. Wow! You've been busy coloring! Glad that your Thanksgiving was nice!

  3. Well that Thanksgiving dinner looked scrummy - glad you had a good time.

  4. Wow you have been busy love the colouring and all the sketches so you know what you are doing Glad you had a great thanksgiving ~ thanks for sharing ~ Nicky ~30

  5. Love your colouring! Thanks for sharing the Thanksgiving meal, glad you had a good time.

    Maarit (104)

  6. Another week seems to have around so quickly. You certainly have got a busy desk with lots and lots of things on it to play with. Thanks for sharing your workspace. FAB colouring and wonderfully looking food - makes me feel hungry!!! Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 40)

  7. love your ideas for card sketches. adding it to my binder. I'm working on an organizer for things like that. thanks for sharing.

  8. Well I know where I'm coming for Thanksgiving dinner next year. Yummy food, home made corn muffins (and Dad is single and!..what more can you ask for). I'll bring dessert.

    Wow! you have been super busy...your workdesk is proof of it. How do you do all that and work at the same time. Just now enough hours in the day. Your coloring is amazing.

  9. Wow! What a feast! My kind of cooking, too. I was here alone with my two fur babies. Love how you organize your work to be done! I am not that organized. I tend to get an idea and just sit down and go with it!! Soooo, your dad is single....hmmmm. Tell him happy new year from me! lol (not kidding, either). Have a blessed new year!!

  10. You have quite the card making system worked out! Are those Anita Be Stampin images I spy? ;) Looks like you had a fabulous feast! Happy New Year!


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