Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Idol Chit Chat...

As is my American Idol review for the week. So sorry it is late. I was out to dinner Tuesday and didn't see Idol until the middle of the night and then missed it last night because I was in the ER. No worries I am ok... it was a false alarm.

I actually got scolded last night at the restaurant after my ER adventure for trying to check the Idol results on my blackberry. Apparently some people just don't understand that we need to know who got voted off immediately as it happens!

I thought everyone did really well on Elvis night. Adam was a great mentor, he had some very constructive feedback for the contestants. My least favorite performances were from Andrew and Casey. I like Casey but I just found my mind wandering during his performance which must have meant I was bored...or could have been that it was 1 am and I was just sleepy. I think Lee was great, Katie was Sassy and I still love Shiobhan and her originality even if Cara can't seem to label her. Why are they so obsessed with labeling everybody. I know the music industry is a business and they want to be able to market people effectively but jeez...can't the girl have some diversity?

I am not too thrilled that Katie went home. I still think she had potential. Andrew had run his course and I am ok with him leaving. I need to watch last night's episode when I get home tonight. People were saying Adam's performance was very theatrical...I want to know what that means.

And to everyone that can't understand why Tim is still on is simple... the little ladies are infatuated with him. I think TURBAN may be around for a while. lol...He is starting to actually grow on the judges. He is like the second coming of Zac Efron.... we are going to be seeing this kid on something after Idol is done. Probably Glee. For some reason, I really want Idol to redo the voting process so that you can vote for the people you want to go home....that way people would only vote when they didn't like something and the less talented people would end up leaving instead of staying by way of popularity votes.

As always...just my two cents...


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