Monday, April 12, 2010

Copic Journal- Tricked Out

I have finally made a cover for my copic journal. I still refuse to bind it though. I keep adding pages and revising pages, and taking pages out to photograph them, so I think this will stay on binder rings forever.

I threw in some pages for my Prismacolor pencils since I have been trying to use them with my copics -Linda Heavens style. Love her work!

Here are some pages I have added recently...this is why my journal is so thick.... I like having an example page for everything under the sun!
Dark Complexion:



Cara said...

Great idea to keep it on rings for the every expanding color collection. TFS!

Gwen said...

That is a very cool idea, Michelle! I love examples too...seeing makes it soooooooooo much easier than guessing.


Jenn K said...

Love this!! And that you added pages for your Prismacolor pencils...I should have done that too...hmmm

Rachel said...

You should go to the copic munkie blog and read the latest post ;) I am guessing you might like it!!!

ThePurplePlace said...

I LOVE all the wonderful journals and I found the "pages" on the Munkie Blog, but HOW do YOU all create the wonderful little books?

Congratulations on winning!!

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